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Lists & Data

Prospect lists, customer files, transaction data -- this is your company’s greatest asset. Are you treating it that way? More...

<a href=http://www.thepursuitgroup.com/grow-your-business/content/>Content</a>


Relevant content helps buyers find and choose you. Do you know what effective content looks like, and can your prospects find it? More...

<a href=http://www.thepursuitgroup.com/grow-your-business/lead-generation/>Lead Generation</a>

Lead Generation

A well-targeted, methodical program can keep your funnel full of qualified leads. Is your sales team complaining, or busy closing deals? More...

<a href=http://www.thepursuitgroup.com/grow-your-business/lead-nurture/>Lead Nurture</a>

Lead Nurture

A well-defined lead-nurture process significantly increases the likelihood of purchase. Is your process defined? Is it time to consider marketing automation? More...

"Marketing's job is not to help sales people sell, it's to help buyers buy."

-- B2B Marketing Insider

B2B marketing & selling is constantly changing.

The Pursuit Group helps you navigate the evolving landscape.

The Pursuit Group is a team of marketing, sales, and technology veterans who help B2B companies assess and adapt to the evolving, buyer-empowered landscape.

The Pursuit Group’s key expertise includes:

  • Developing or enhancing your prospect lists and data strategy.
  • Creating or adapting buyer-focused content, appropriate for different buyers at different stages of the process.
  • Crafting a Lead Generation strategy to fill your sales funnel with qualified leads.
  • Defining, strengthening and — if appropriate — automating a Lead Nurture process to move buyers through the funnel to purchase.
  • Implementing or refining tracking, measuring and reporting processes.
  • Facilitating marketing and sales technology choices and implementation, including CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Service Providers, and other technology.
  • Aligning Marketing and Sales to maximize impact and efficiencies.
  • Providing sales effectiveness coaching.


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