Content is what gets offered to or requested from your prospective buyer, with the goal of attracting and engaging them. Typically a digital asset (website, blog, white paper, article, case study, industry report, infographic, video, webinar, etc), content is designed to address the needs or problems of your prospect, and advance them along the buying process in a helpful way.

Your content can act as currency to someone who is reviewing options and researching as they move toward a purchase. Prospects will exchange their contact information for content that helps them in their buying process.

One content element, many usesDeveloping your content strategy is both an art and a science:

  • Your content must be genuinely valuable -- educational rather than promotional. Today’s buyers are skeptical of businesses that are blatantly trying to “sell” them rather than to inform them on their options.

  • Your content must be matched to each buyer persona and each aspect of the buyer journey.

  • Your content must be based on a thorough understanding of how and why your products or services are a right fit for someone.
  • Most companies will need to overhaul existing or create new content that is truly buyer-focused rather than promotional.

Today’s buyers have their “schmooze radar” up – the buyer is in control, and your content strategy must help the buyer think, “I like this company, I’m going to keep them on my short list.”

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