Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation is connecting with prospects who want to know more about your company’s offerings. It’s a form of marketing designed to stimulate action, promote interest and engagement, and move your target audience in your direction.

“It's hard to fill the funnel if it's not under the faucet.”
(Bruce Robertson,
What Really Works)

Successful lead generation:

  • Utilizes a strong buyer-focused content strategy across multiple channels
  • Educates and intrigues the prospect to encourage engagement
  • Facilitates the buyer journey as they enter the funnel

With each “response” that a lead generation program generates, your prospect takes a baby-step toward you, such as:

  • Clicked on your website
  • Clicked on the link included in your last tweet
  • Liked your Facebook page
  • Filled out a form requesting a piece of your content

Keys to effective lead generation marketing include:

  • Understand who you’re targeting. Read the tea-leaves of your existing data and let it point you in the right direction. If you’re not mining your current data, you’re probably flushing marketing dollars down the drain.
  • Match your lead generation programs to your prospective buyer. Where are they doing research? Where are they spending time online? What offline channels (if any) do they regularly consume? Unless you’re a soft drink company or a car manufacturer, mass media is not for you!
  • Engage in both outbound and inbound lead generation marketing. Inbound activities are those generated by the prospective buyer; outbound activities are those generated by your company, based on what you know about that buyer. Make sure both forms of lead generation marketing are consistent and help your buyer find you.
  • Test and measure everything. Never miss an opportunity to improve on response rates. It’s helpful to have good CRM and marketing automation tools to accomplish this.

By making your lead generation marketing a buyer-centric, data-driven program, your sales funnel will become filled with more qualified prospects, and your marketing ROI will be unquestionably positive.

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