Lead Nurture

Lead Nurture

Lead nurturing is the set of actions required to move someone from being simply a lead to becoming a buyer.

A well-defined nurture process pulls a buyer through the marketing & sales funnel using appropriate content for the needs of the buyer at their buying stage.

Lead Nurture Funnel

Systematic lead nurture takes leads that enter the top of the funnel (TOFU), pulls them through to the middle (MOFU), and delivers them to Sales at the bottom (BOFU). From there, a nurture program can help optimize the customer (COFU).

If done manually, this process quickly becomes overwhelming. That’s why a recent survey of 1,000 large companies found that 75% of them had no formal, documented lead nurture process.

This lack of systematic lead nurturing has led to the explosion of Marketing Automation tools. Automating the nurturing process is smart. Automation brings efficiency and allows you to facilitate your prospect’s buying journey in the most impactful way.

But before your nurture process can be automated, it must be defined.

Can you answer these questions about your process?

  • What is the unique sales process for a suspect, prospect, lead and interested lead?
  • Are the communication steps standardized?
  • If the prospect just wants to be kept in touch with, how does the nurture process work?
  • What is the process for following up over time?
  • What is the communication plan once a prospect becomes a customer?

Automation takes an existing process and makes it better—more efficient, easier, faster. But automation can’t cover for a weak or non-existent process.

Only a minority of companies even has a nurture process. Yet year after year, that minority overwhelmingly makes up the list of best performing sales organizations.

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