Lists & Data

Lists & Data

Every company has data, including lists of prospects, customers and transactional data. Whether it’s in a CRM system, in separate Excel spreadsheets, or stuffed into filing cabinets, the fact remains -- your data is a valuable company asset.

  “Companies that put data at the center of their marketing and sales decisions improve their marketing return on investment (MROI) by 15 – 20%”

Types of lists:

  • Your Target Market: all eligible companies for your industry, segmented by vertical or other breakout. These companies should be looking for you, and your marketing should help them find you.

  • Your Prospects and Leads: companies who have taken some form of action to learn more; acquired through outbound or inbound marketing.

  • Your Customers: companies who have made a purchase, and should have a dedicated retention and growth strategy.

Ways to grow your lists:

  • Lead generation programs
  • Landing pages on your website
  • Social media
  • Events

When your lists and your data are combined and analyzed (often referred to as Big Data), key insights are revealed:

  • A clear picture of your pipeline status
  • Insight into the health and wealth of your customer base
  • Ways to improve effectiveness of lead generation
  • Which content is best for each target segment and buying stage
  • Other key indicators

Ultimately, your data belongs in a usable repository such as Salesforce.com or similar CRM.

Using your company’s data may seem daunting, but it is critical for long-term success. Looking at your data is like having a roadmap for where to turn next in your company’s journey. 

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