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Marketing Workshop

One-Day Marketing Workshop

Get your staff quickly aligned and deployed with this comprehensive one-day marketing workshop, covering the most critical aspects of today’s dynamic B2B marketing and sales landscape.

This workshop is an efficient way to make sure all your key players are focused on the same priorities, and understand the tools available to achieve them.

The workshop can be customized for your specific industry and unique business challenges.

By the end of the day, you and your team will know the following:

  • The marketing and sales basics needed to grow your business in today’s environment
  • The critical tools that must be in place for successful lead generation and lead nurture
  • Where you have gaps in your marketing and sales process, and how to address them
  • Where you have misalignment between marketing and sales departments, and how to fix it
  • How your company stacks up, via self-assessment tools throughout the workshop
  • What is the low-hanging fruit that could make an immediate impact on your bottom line
  • Specific, prioritized next steps for taking immediate action.

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Trade Show Optimization

Trade Show Optimization

Trade shows are a significant investment for a company, yet maximizing the return on that investment is a constant challenge and often a source of frustration.

Enter The Pursuit Group’s Trade Show Optimization Program, a powerful set of tools and processes to help you get the highest possible return on this costly marketing investment.

This program delivers the following:

  • More and better-qualified booth appointments
  • A way to significantly grow your prospect and lead database as a result of the show
  • Pre-show, during-show, post-show email communication that delivers ongoing lead nurture
  • Use of email marketing, SMS text marketing and social media during the show to raise response and enthusiasm.
  • How to choose the most worthwhile shows in which to participate
  • Detail-management to avoid common cost traps (e.g., transportation, drayage, installation, etc.)
  • How to maximize show visibility and traffic via media relations, social media, promotion and booth content
  • Training and equipping your staff to capture more lead-generation opportunities during prime exhibit hours

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Marketing Automation Implementation

Marketing Automation Implementation

Deciding that you’re ready to invest in marketing automation technology is a complex and significant decision.

Whether you’re at the front end of bringing technology to your processes, or if you’re ready to go to the next level, The Pursuit Group has comprehensive expertise in implementing the right marketing automation tool for your unique environment.

Facilitating this process can include:

  • Assessing the need for and helping you select the right Marketing Automation solution
  • Facilitating integration of disparate technologies
  • Facilitating implementation of the chosen technology
  • Operating your technology on an ongoing basis to save time and raise your expertise and effectiveness
  • Operating your technology on an interim basis until internal resources are identified and trained.

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